• Krista Dawn

To Boldly Go. To Go Boldly.

There are so many rules. Rules of conduct, rules of language, rules of relationships and even unspoken rules. Rules keep us safe and secure.

But sometimes rules are meant to be broken...

William Shatners voice resonates with the words "to boldly go" and in main stream pop culture this has become a very recognizable expression. This very famous split infinitive is a debatable mistake or a creative decision. It is very hard to know if this expression would have been the same had it followed correct grammar. The boldness lay in the imperfection.

Which brings me to the rules of photography. The rule of thirds, shutter speed, Contrast, etc. With all these rules, it can be hard to just embrace the moment. Sometimes the best photos are found when you split the photography infinitive, break the rules, and just take the shot.

These photos were taken just outside my home town of Port aux Basques, Newfoundland. The place that shaped me. I am so lucky to have had this as my backyard during my childhood. I have called Halifax, Nova Scotia my home for the past 19 years, but a new adventure awaits. A bold step, but I have never been subtle. In light of recent developments, an amazing opportunity presented itself and I had the courage to say 'Oui.'

I have no way of knowing what is going to happen, and my magic mirror/crystal ball/fortune teller are all busy at the moment. The risk is personal growth, regardless of the outcome. So, here is my personal split infinitive, as I boldly go.

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