• Krista Dawn

The art of focus.

Focus. Nearly impossible in todays society. Social media has been both a blessing and a curse. We have access to copious amounts of information, but at a cost. We have learned a persons integrity is directly linked to their profile photo and the version of themselves they have created online. It is real and fake all at the same time. Our ability to focus has diminished, and we value the new, the latest and the greatest.

As a photographer, the idea of being in focus, staying in focus, and changing the focus is something I think about every time I click the shutter button. As I photographed this classical guitar, I wanted to change the perspective but never the focus . I love the strings and the shadows they create, but also the delicate art work surrounding the sound hole. Multiple levels of focus required. First, the luthier creating the guitar, then the person playing the guitar. Years of focus, captured in a photo.

How can we ignore the beauty and intelligence required in focus. Just like it will make or break a photo, it can also make or break your ability to be exactly who you intended to be. My point remains, double check your focus and let everything else fall into the bokeh.

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