• Krista Dawn

Overcoming Hope

After reading a number of definitions of hope, "await some positive occurrence or outcome" or to "cherish a decision with anticipation" I have lost all hope in hope. Also, in my current pursuit of happiness, I am giving up on dreams, sunshine, lollipops, rainbows and wishing for a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

Instead of the whimsical notion of hope I am replacing it with a plan, hard work, dedication, goal setting, and facing set backs with sheer determination. In lieu of my comfort zone, I have decided to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. The older I get the more the butterflies in my stomach feel like an eclipse of anxious moths feverishly plotting their escape. I will prevail.

The photos showcase one of my favourite building materials, which I often find myself photographing; brick and stone. More than just being beautiful structures, they represent everything I want to accomplish this year. These photos show the end result of someone's hard work and labour. Instead of just hoping these buildings would exists someone had to devise a plan and, one brick at a time, build these structures from the ground up. Its like eating a metaphorical elephant; one bite at a time.

So, as we fast approach 2019 and many people ask what my New Year's resolution will be, my response will be that I am trading in hope and eating an elephant this year.

Happy New Year,


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